Welcome to Eden Eternal Vendetta
[Week 86] Mystery Box - [16/03/2018]
This week's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it:   Demir *Model has been updated to no longer show the red water like wave design. See...Read More
Server Side Patch - [15/03/2018]
Changes Holy Sage Skill: Aura: Prophet's Blessing This skill has be temporarily been disabled until the upcoming update pending an investigation into some serve...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [15/03/2018]
STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! There will be a server side patch with this maintenance. It does NOT requir...Read More
Maintenance Tomorrow - [14/03/2018]
Hey all!   We will be moving maintenance back to tomorrow while we get the new staff in and sorted. Usually I'd have them all already added and ready to go, but since t...Read More
New Game Sages - [14/03/2018]
Hello everyone! Yes, its the moment everyone has been waiting for - new game sages! This will be a somewhat long list, so please bear with me. Also, I'd like to make...Read More